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 What is Craft Sense?
Craft-Sense.comisa nifty little place for Etsy Teams (and Street Teams) to set up a centralized website, help get organized, put on contests and challenges, and promote their member's wares.

As a member of the EtsyMudTeam, I originally created this site for the MudTeam to use, but now I've easily templated it so that other Etsy Teams could benefit from it as well. You can have your EtsyTeam site up and running within minutes!

Interested in having a Craft-Sense site for your team? Send me a convo at http://khphillips.etsy.com

What are the benefits and features?
  • Organization
    • Have a centralized place where members can sign up
    • Craft-Sense automatically places newly registered members in the Member's gallery and auto rotates them in the random mini's throughout the site.
    • Most teams have a "team shop" to help raise dough. There's a "store donation form"where members can easily submit a product for sale in the teamshop.
    • Post news and information to the site for members and the public.
  • Member's Only Section
    • One of the benefits of being a member of a team is the collective knowledgeof the entire team. Now you have a centralized place where ALL team members can post information to share. And this information only BENEFITS team members, not the general public.
  • Challenges & Contests
    • For the EtsyMudTeam, this was the primary focus of our site. We love having challenges and contests as a team. Now setting up a challenge couldn't be simpler.
    • Schedule Challenge Entry Dates
    • Participants Easily upload their photos and descriptions online and automatically get "setup". Participation is only available to registered members
    • Schedule Vote Dates - the general public can vote on the entries and enter their email into a raffle drawing if that's part of the challenge. Individuals can only vote once.
    • The team admin can easily have a random drawing to choose raffle winner and also access the "voting results" at any time.The team admin then posts the winners after the contest.
  • Unlimited Pages
    • Just like a full featured website you can add new pages of content for the public or members only. Upload photos, edocs, videos etc.
  • This is just the beginning...
    • We just launched the EtsyMudTeam site in late February. As we grow, we will probably be adding a few more features along the way.
What's it cost?
Good question... I'm not sure, why don't you get in touch with me and we can discuss it... I am sure the first few teams who want a site, can get one on a trial basis to start. Let's see where it goes from there.

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